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Advanced Dawnbreakers - 2007

This website uses the same basic theme that another website does. Our client allowed us to use her design, as long as we linked to her website in the page footer - something that Advanced Dawnbreakers Toastmasters club was happy to do.

Four years passed and then Toastmasters rebranded in August 2011. As a result, we had to change the colours, fonts, logo, and images in the website so that they conformed to the new Toastmasters standard. We choose to use the Toastmasters brand colours in a bold mix. We were both surprised and pleased with how attractive the result was. Toastmasters International was also delighted with how vibrant and visually appealing this website was.

This design is one of the few that we collaborated with another designer on. The original client gave us a screenshot developed by a friend and we then adapted the design, adding features such as the ribbon menu to make it more attractive and user-friendly.

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